Free to Be

Free to dance, free to move, free to be
Drum Circle, Nokomis Beach, FL

Drum circles on the beach. Sands between my toes. Sitting next to people I love. Watching others around me simply be. Sun setting majestically to complete the day.

The beat continues, people dance, kids play and all I can think : Does anyone have to work tomorrow? ( I am on vacation)

One day I will complete each day with sand between my toes, drums beating, sun setting, water gently rolling in and simply being….one day.

Published by K.O'Leary

Who Am I? I am a thinker. observer. visualizer. listener. believer.photographer.teacher. life long learner. I am an advocate for my students, animals and our Earth. I am my man's girlfriend and my animal's human. I am a lover of food, music, dance, life, color, form, natural light, & moments. I never thought of myself as a writer-more of a journal writer of my own private thoughts-but definitely not a writer who shares her words with others. So now, I will attempt to be a blogger- the 21st century type of writer. I suppose maybe somewhere, underneath of what I am comfortable identifying with, I am a writer; a closet writer. So today I am coming out of my writer's closet to live out loud and unravel this tapestry we call life.

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