Good Kind O’Crazy (It is a matter of perspective, isn’t it?)

Life is full.

Many years ago an 8 year old girl, by the name of Katie, was describing my sister’s house as kind of crazy, but a good kind of crazy. I completely understood what Katie meant, and I have used this description through out my life for many different scenarios, experiences, and moments. But what does it mean?

As humans, I do not think we escape the feeling of crazy or being put in a situation that is crazy. It may be a loud event or being spread too thin. It maybe hormones rushing through or leaving our bodies. It may stem from the feeling of not belonging.  It maybe the moment when you realize, the beliefs you grew up with are not true or at least do not fit who you are. There are too many scenarios, too many experiences, and too many moments that can be described as crazy. It is what you decided to do with them that determines the quality of good crazy or bad crazy.

I believe all these possible crazy moments and feelings are a right of passage. And to make it through to the other side, we must accept the craziness. In these moments, it might feel like you have lost our minds or maybe never had it. You realize that main-stream society simply is not you and you pause. You wait, you are confused, you are lonely and then you notice something. Something that will cause you to remember who you are and why you are here, and that life is full.

I began to accept and move through the crazy in my life when I realized life is created by dualities. My perspective shifted and something inside me remembered and accepted that to experience joy you must know sorrow, to experience love you must experience hate or worse apathy, to feel belonging one must feel isolated and to understand crazy you must have known sanity (peace), and you can not truly know or understand one without the other. The yin and yang of life. The ebb and flow.

This is a Good Kind O’Crazy that we call life.

Published by K.O'Leary

Who Am I? I am a thinker. observer. visualizer. listener. believer.photographer.teacher. life long learner. I am an advocate for my students, animals and our Earth. I am my man's girlfriend and my animal's human. I am a lover of food, music, dance, life, color, form, natural light, & moments. I never thought of myself as a writer-more of a journal writer of my own private thoughts-but definitely not a writer who shares her words with others. So now, I will attempt to be a blogger- the 21st century type of writer. I suppose maybe somewhere, underneath of what I am comfortable identifying with, I am a writer; a closet writer. So today I am coming out of my writer's closet to live out loud and unravel this tapestry we call life.

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