How is It Going?

20161028_155854Two months in with dog number 2, Iggy Pop, the Havanese. Our lives has changed and I want to say for the best , but sometimes he is just too much. (11.11.2016)

3 months in now and I have accepted his puppy ways (for the most part). I am taking 1 day at a time because he is on full throttle most of the time. He has learned to lean into love- morning time he will ramble next to me to get love and affection. He is a ball of joy when I come from work. Iggy wakes at the same time every morning – even on the weekends-6:30 a.m. and he is ready to start each day with enthusiasm. He also goes to bed around 8:30. He will disappear under the bed and turn himself in for the night, unless of course he hears an unfamiliar noise then it is doggie barking the middle of the night. No bueno. (12.10.2016)

13 months in and Iggy the Smiling Havanese is definitely part of our family. He still has issues; barks a lot, has a temper, becomes a Tasmanian devil when he gets grooms and he has an addiction to tennis balls. Despite Iggy’s craziness Zeke has come to adore him. I have also come to the conclusion, Zeke has missed his calling as a dog whisper or maybe it is just the beginning. Cesar Milan watch out for Zeke Rodriguez. Zeke is amazing with Iggy and Iggy’s craziness.

The best part of having Iggy is the love he gives, the way he looks at you trying to understand what you are saying and the softness of his hair. Iggy’s crazy has turned into a Good Kind O’Crazy and he definitely has caused my heart to be fuller. #Heart.ful (10.09.2017)

Published by K.O'Leary

Who Am I? I am a thinker. observer. visualizer. listener. believer.photographer.teacher. life long learner. I am an advocate for my students, animals and our Earth. I am my man's girlfriend and my animal's human. I am a lover of food, music, dance, life, color, form, natural light, & moments. I never thought of myself as a writer-more of a journal writer of my own private thoughts-but definitely not a writer who shares her words with others. So now, I will attempt to be a blogger- the 21st century type of writer. I suppose maybe somewhere, underneath of what I am comfortable identifying with, I am a writer; a closet writer. So today I am coming out of my writer's closet to live out loud and unravel this tapestry we call life.

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