An Unexpected Smile

Unexpected Smiles

Today’s weather was crazy- hot with extreme dryness. This type of weather has a way of creating a chaotic energy, scenarios that are not normal and lets not forget more fires for us in California despite today’s date, October 23, where is the fall weather?

Needless to say, as I pulled into in the Target/Trader Joe’s shopping center I looked for shaded parking and the most shaded spot was next to a new, red Ford 150 truck. Even though the parking lot was virtually empty – I still parked next to this truck – shade was far too important than to worry about a ding in the door.

As I parked, I saw leathered faced man, in a sleeveless t-shirt walking across the parking lot towards my car. He was watching me park, so I gave him thumbs up (so he knew I saw him) and then I paused because I was not sure what his intent. Was he walking to his car? Was he in need of money?

As I focused more on him, I noticed he was carrying what was a bouquet of  white roses from Trader Joe’s and there were only 3 left. My first thought was “He is selling roses to earn money. Hmmmm… This was a new angle to raise money in a parking lot.” So I  prepared myself to buy a rose, as I watched him walk towards my car. Then he placed one long stem, white rose in my door handle and he walked to other side of my car to the new, red Ford 150 truck.  At this point, I got out my car and said “Thank you.”

He turned to me as he opened his door and said, “Do you know that some people never have been given a flower? I do not do this for a thank you. Just enjoy it!”

I was very surprised that his intention was to simply spread beauty, thoughtfulness, and kindness. He did not even want a thank you. Wow! I completely misinterpreted the scenario and refreshing it was to be wrong. With an unexpected smile on my face,  I responded, “I appreciate your thoughtfulness. Have a a wonderful day!”

And then he continued to get into his truck, as I walked towards Target. This unexpected encounter made this crazy-hot day seem a bit more refreshing, a bit more inspiring and a bit more heartful.

Life has a way of being a Good Kind O’Crazy if you let it.





Published by K.O'Leary

Who Am I? I am a thinker. observer. visualizer. listener. believer.photographer.teacher. life long learner. I am an advocate for my students, animals and our Earth. I am my man's girlfriend and my animal's human. I am a lover of food, music, dance, life, color, form, natural light, & moments. I never thought of myself as a writer-more of a journal writer of my own private thoughts-but definitely not a writer who shares her words with others. So now, I will attempt to be a blogger- the 21st century type of writer. I suppose maybe somewhere, underneath of what I am comfortable identifying with, I am a writer; a closet writer. So today I am coming out of my writer's closet to live out loud and unravel this tapestry we call life.

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