An Unexpected Smile

Today’s weather was crazy- hot with extreme dryness. This type of weather has a way of creating a chaotic energy, scenarios that are not normal and lets not forget more fires for us in California despite today’s date, October 23, where is the fall weather? Needless to say, as I pulled into in the Target/TraderContinue reading “An Unexpected Smile”

Good Kind O’Crazy (It is a matter of perspective, isn’t it?)

Many years ago an 8 year old girl, by the name of Katie, was describing my sister’s house as kind of crazy, but a good kind of crazy. I completely understood what Katie meant, and I have used this description through out my life for many different scenarios, experiences, and moments. But what does itContinue reading “Good Kind O’Crazy (It is a matter of perspective, isn’t it?)”

The Teacher is Good to Me

Being a teacher is exhausting. Often I ask myself the rhetorical question “Why am I a teacher?” My profession is a tremendous balance of kindness, knowledge, patience, deep breathes, lesson planning (which always seems to get pushed because of other obligations) communication, learning, creating, being proactive and teaching is some where in the mix. IContinue reading “The Teacher is Good to Me”

Flower Spirit

  Colorfulness. Fading. Fullness Drooping. Energy Reversing. Frazzled ends. Wholeness within. Wisdom, Contentment, Reflection Expanding; while everything else seems to be declining. Leaning into 50. Slowly & Rapidly. ~ I instantly recognized myself when I saw this Delilah plant; completely unexpected & automatically I had words to describe me & it. Inspiration. Circle of Life.Continue reading “Flower Spirit”